Your voice is the audio representation of your personality and I undertand how important

it is that how you speak reflects who you are. 

I am passionate about helping people find their true voice

I have been working with singing and speaking voices for over 20 years.  During that time I have under gone extensive training and had over 18,000 hours of teaching experience.  My knowledge of vocal accoustics as well as the physiology of the voice means that I have a real understanding and the tools to help you find your true voice

Using both singing and speaking vocal exercises which will change the vocal frequencies and resonance of your voice, I have devised a successful programme for feminising the voice 

  • Raising pitch

  • Finding nasal pharynx resonance

  • Balancing bass and treble frequencies

  • Adjusting larynx position

  • Reducing volume without creating a breathy voice

  • Controlling breath pressure

  • Adjusting tongue position

  • Increase energy in articultors and lip movement

  • Vowel and consonant modification

  • Varying Intonation and vocal rhythms

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email: lucy@lucyphillipscoaching.co.uk