Presentation Coaching

Transform your presentations with a personal coaching session.  Learn how to develop your communication skills, build confidence and perform with more clarity for a greater impact in your business presentations.

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 Vocal Feminisation

Whatever stage you have reached in your transition, a common source of frustration is often your voice.   Lucy is a leading  coach in Transgender Voice Training.  Unlike most voice coaches in this field, Lucy goes further than just training in Pitch, intonation and rhythm. Her in depth knowledge of vocal resonances and the modulation of audio frequencies means that you really can find your true voice.  Find out more

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Public Speaking

Overcome any fears and learn perfomance techniques to enhance your public speaking.  Lucy is an expert in voice techniques, perfomance and is also a qualified NLP practitioner,  In no time at all you will be speaking in front of audiences with confidence and clarity

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Skype Lessons

Unable to gt to the studio for a lesson? No problem,  Lucy teaches regularly on skype, currently teaching students in LA, New York, Spain, Norway and Japan

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