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Singing in tune, hitting the right notes is the most fundamental aspect of singing. Whether we are a professional musician or have studied music, or not, our cultural upbringing leaves us all acutely aware of when a note’s pitch is wrong.

The human voice is not a fixed pitch instrument, like the piano. We have vocal cords that act like rubber bands, stretching from short and fat to long and thin very quickly in order to find pitch. It is very easy to miscalculate the adjustments needed for accurate pitch.

The role of the ear in the tuning process is extremely important as it communicates to the brain and to the vocal cords, so they know which position to be in and which speed to vibrate at and then you need to adjust your cords to the pitch before you make sound.

The mistake untrained singers make is that they first start singing and then try to adjust to pitch, it is simply too late.

They key is to create the pitch in your mind first, to hear it fully, and only then sing the pitch. This has an amazing effect of adjusting your cords silently and accurately.

All great singers create the notes in their mind a split second before they sing them. This not only helps with pitch but also vowel adjustments and air flow. The better you get at listening and then visualizing the experience of singing the better you will sing.

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